3 Ways to Build a Powerful Referral Network Using Social Media

Stop chasing leads, START attracting referrals

Does creating a powerful referral network on social media seem more like a fairytale than a reality? It sounds amazing but all you hear from your broker, mentors and Facebook group threads is that you have to "hustle" every day, call your sphere constantly, get on the phone with expired listings and try to get an appointment, you name the activity. 


I created this masterclass to show you how I used social media to create a powerful referral network so you can start implementing the exact same strategies and stop wondering how to make social media work FOR you! 


I'm spilling my 3 TOP secrets and giving you exact action steps you can take TODAY. Imagine someone scrolling through your feed and feeling like they already know you even though you've never met in real life - yep, I'll be telling you how to do this! Along with how you can become the GO TO agent for all things real estate for your sphere and stay top of mind with past clients. 


What if you could build a powerful referral network with an authentic approach and cut the spammy salesman tactics everyone says you have to follow if you want to succeed. Start attracting people to you instead of wondering where your next lead is coming from. 

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Chelsea Petersen

Hi, I'm Chelsea - Modern Real Estate Agent, Educator and Wine Enthusiast! Pour yourself a glass of wine, save your seat, and get ready to learn REAL actionable steps you can start taking to build a powerful referral network using social media! 

Katie says:

"Chelsea has been integral in turning my first year of real estate around. I was getting discouraged by the time I was spending on marketing and not on actual Real Estate work. But I knew how important it was to my growth. I'm so glad I made this a priority. It's already transformed my online engagement and personal network into consistent referral sources."